Positive Millet


Grains are classified into 3 categories: 1.Positive Millet 2.Neutral Millet 3. Negative Millet The first two categories of grains are called Millet, i.e. Positive and Neutral grain. Positive Millets are also called Sridhanya Millet. List of Positive Millets are as follow: 1.Barnyard Millet 2.Foxtail Millet 3. Little Millet 4.Kodo Millet 5.Browntop Millet Positive gains contain dietary fiber, proteins, minerals, essential amino acids, medicinal values, healing qualities and therapeutic benefit in abundance. Positive grains take over 6 hours while rice takes just 45 minutes to get absorbed in the blood increasing the risk of diabetes. Positive Millet is not just nutritious, they can be grown in less fertile soil or in the dry land. They can resist drought and can sustain even at 20 cm of rainfall. To produce one kg of millet we require 300 litres of rainfall.

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